Monday, October 10, 2016

Prepping 101: $35 Long Distance Ham Radio Sends Morse w/Android Ap

Resources: User Manuals
Assembled 49er w/Wifi $34.87
All 49er w/Wifi Radios (assembled & kit)
S-Rockmite Kits & Assembled w/Wifi
QRP Antenna 40 Meters $24.95 (see other listings if sold out)
Long Wire Antenna QRP 9:1 Balun Impedance Transformer $7.85
16 gauge 40 Meter Dipole $26
Crystal Packs/Pixie Switch
Original Article on Pixie/Rockmite/49er
All Prepping 101 Communications

There is nothing worse than being cut off from your family. But as we move further and further apart from each other, and rely more and more on a single technology to even speak, the chances of being cut off have become overwhelmingly probable. That is why I have contributed several articles, and now some video, on off-grid long distance communications. This is a not a simple or terribly inexpensive topic, but it is more possible than you would think to speak to someone across the country (and sometimes across the world) using a small radio from your home.

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