Monday, October 10, 2016

Laura Ingraham: We've Been Waiting for Republican to Beat Up the Clintons for 30 Years

Via Billy


  1. Miss Laura is my favorite commentator.

  2. Laura Ingram did a fine job of putting Megyn Kelly in her
    place. I had to listen to the exchange three times.
    I heard Trump sniffle two times last nite. This has only
    happened during these two debates never during his rallies.
    I had to watch Hillary sit several times. No stamina.

    1. Thank you and I must have missed something, so what's the big deal about sniffling?

    2. The 'Others' are accusing him of sniffing cocaine.
      Bret Baier said he thought it was his breathing.
      Only time I have heard the sniffing is during these
      two debates. Trump had complained before of some-
      thing being wrong with his mic. Who hires these
      moderators? Have you noticed they are the same kind
      of discipline. Seems they all came out of the
      Frankfurt School in Columbia University. Did you notice the moderator, Rapport, challenged Trump on
      a statement he made regarding Syria - that is not
      her job.

    3. Totally rigged,they are all traitors to the constitution and there is but one legal remedy by law, I do believe.

    4. Well, you know, Spain got rid of their fed gov and
      is working out well. I see no rhyme or reason for
      this one - gone too far from what the Founding Fathers
      set in motion for this new nation.

  3. That's all that the Republican base has ever asked of its candidates - - fight back. All the genteel country club Republican candidates - - the Bushes, Romney, McCain - - have refrained from jumping into the mud pit with the Democrats. Trump doesn't mind (because basically he's a Democrat himself who is wearing a Republican coat).

    1. Amen.

      Jerry Falwell Jr. Has Evidence GOP Establishment Leaked the Trump Tape
      Fine, as I have said many times before, we don't care if this election dooms the Republican Party. If Trump wins, we will transform the existing one, if not, we will never vote for a Republican again and start a 3rd party. The Neocons have bought it upon themselves, good riddance to bad rubbish. The Neocons better hope Trump wins.

  4. The communist side say it a cocaine habit. It was brought
    up at the last debate and Bret Baier mentioned it last nite
    saying he thought it was his breathing.

    1. Thanks and the furthest thing from my mind and I imagine all Patriots. :)