Monday, July 18, 2011

A most excellent post concerning the Guerena murder, SWAT and what may be coming

This was posted on another site in regards to Brian Miller whose latest news I posted earlier below.

Oathkeeper and SWAT criticiser Pima Republican Chairman voted out

Brian Miller Tucson Oath Keeper

........I am a Vietnam Era veteran (both parents were wartime vets, as is my brother and most other male relatives and ancestors); we all joined. I’m now disabled, and the only war zone I was sent to was East Oakland. I worked ambulance there and in other places for over a decade, and I have worked under sniper fire. I’ve worked with police at least half of my working life from the EMS side. I’m also a lifelong martial artist, and started training informally (while they were cross-training) with Seals at age 15. I grew up on military bases, then served on them myself. I was also a Senior electronics and mechanical design drafter in the Aerospace industry.

........I reject the argument that only cops can judge other cops. Per other cops, however, like Norm Stamper, former chief of police in Seattle (during the 1999 WTO conference) has said that there is an alarming increase in conditioning of police to view “civilians” as The Enemy. Agents provocateur have been caught at such venues throwing rocks, bottles, starting fires etc. to provide an excuse for an ARMY of black clad, heavily armed, armored militarized cops to attack even the most peaceful crowds. “Free Speech Zones” are constructed well away from any wealthy and powerful people who might otherwise have to hear or see protesters (I don’t remember Free Speech Zones being mentioned in the Constitution, either). Injury or death from police, very often police with no identifying badges or anything else so that people don’t know they’re police, is getting far out of hand and increasing as many officers have come to think they can give citizens ANY order and expect to be obeyed instantly, else they’re justified in a violent attack on the citizen. In fact, too many cops seem to think that a lack of abject groveling is “disrespect,” and grounds for attacking the person. And as with this case, no matter how egregious the violence visited on an innocent citizen, police are not held accountable for what would be first degree murder by anyone else.

The Executive has claimed powers even kings didn’t have in murdering citizens, and Intel agencies are virtually unbound in who they can spy on, when and how, while a citizen who dares try to film a cop in the act of performing what he conceives to be his duty is being criminalized, and cops are almost routinely stealing and destroying such evidence. Jefferson said that for clarification of the Constitution, always look first to the Declaration of Independence. When the phrase, “…All men are created equal,” was penned, then, since the Constitution itself put no limitations on rights, I’ve always believed that not just American citizens but anyone in our custody (and perhaps those especially!) had the rights enumerated in the Constitution and in other law in America. If not, then the Constitution and the Declaration were just so much drivel and worthless paper. Those rights belong to human beings, period!

Among other things the Executive has mentioned lately is the need for military to “help out in the case of civil unrest” and other such things. That would be illegal per Posse Comitatus; cops who are armed, dressed, trained and conditioned exactly like military – an occupying army by any realistic definition – is NOT illegal because they’re still being CALLED cops. The core missions of military and police are 180 degrees different, though. Military are taught to protect themselves and their buddies first; they’re also taught to KILL. That’s what they do. When cops are militarized, the ones who would have put themselves between a citizen and a bullet, those who really believed in “To protect and to serve” are ready to shoot first, just in case and no matter where any extra bullets happen to go. That’s part of WHY the military doesn’t do police work.

SWAT teams are military. Call ‘em whatever you like, but they’re damned well DEADLY, and they’re being VASTLY overused! SWAT teams need to be drastically cut back and their former members should be given the choices of becoming real military, retraining for police work as COPS, not pseudo-military, or finding other work! A man legally owns a firearm so that makes him a potential danger and SWAT must be used? How many Americans are killed every year because someone lied to get a warrant or went to the wrong damned house? Hundreds at the very LEAST! And what response other than grabbing a weapon to meet unknown home invaders – especially after his wife’s family’s experience – does anyone expect at that time of day and under those circumstances? That Guerena DIDN’T fire shows how well trained he was! That the cops DID open fire (and I never heard that “accidental” first shot, btw, or a shouted “ID”) also says something about their training and mind set. And as always there were lies by the police involved that were straightened out one by one, finally – with no consequences.

The finding that the SWAT team was not at fault – with the wrong warrant, (wasn’t this a wrong address again too?), spraying bullets all over a residential neighborhood, entering incorrectly so most of them were blinded to the indoors, the door to which they were blocking… Come on! This was a long chain of error after error, starting with using SWAT for this in the first place. It’s a sickening incident that is happening more and more frequently in this country when it should only EVER happen in a dictatorship! Think about THAT for a minute!

Letting him lie there and bleed out for over an hour until he finally died before allowing a paramedic near him, however, was murder, the ultimate CYA that has always put the best witness beyond questioning and any inconvenient answers. There is no other word, no other motivation, no possible excuse.

The errors were not Guerena’s, and Mr. Miller should be applauded for wanting a better outcome or at least an honest discussion of what went wrong instead of the official whitewashing by Those In Power. Attacking him for not being another mindless, nodding bobbleheaded follower says a lot about the local Republicans, I’m afraid, and NONE of it is good! Until this head-in-the-sand whitewash and then the attack on the one man who dared to question it, this didn’t necessarily reflect badly on the rest of the police or the area; it’s something that is happening too frequently all over the country. NOW, however, you’d better believe it reflects badly – on all of you! At a time when the Drug War is finally coming to be seen as the propaganda and profit-driven, wrong-headed war on the public it is, this stands out as an egregious misuse of power TWICE: first, when SWAT was used for such a purpose, and second, when every official in the county save one honest man acted like a cat trying to cover up on linoleum – with about as much success.

Ian MacLeod


  1. Mr. MacLeod

    I would like to post your excellent words with or without attribution, if that is OK.

  2. Ian MacLeod says:

    Brock Townsend – You’re more than welcome to post them wherever you wish, with or without attribution, and thank you for the compliment! This is info that desperately needs to be spread around. It’s happening all over the country far too often to be accidental – these are execution squads, and our militarized cops are being readied for use in martial law. I see no other possibility. And this murder is an absolute obscenity. Would you be willing to let me know where you post them? I’d like to see any reactions. Hopefully it might help me in writing other things.



  1. Unrestrained

  2. Wow. Excellent commentary by Mr. MacCleod.

  3. Yes, I was mightily impressed, as my father would say!

  4. To Ian, thanks for exposing yet another example of the police state. But... what are our options as far as solutions? The vote? Something else?
    Many people can go to the 'net and expose something.... It will take people of iron will and icy blood to actually make a difference.

    Brock, you continue to find life-changing and Republic-changing posts and articles of great import to your 'subscribers'....

    Best money I never spent.

    Kudos friend, but I'm afraid what I may say in the following will be particularly unsettling. This particular episode has stricken a nerve with me that I haven't felt since Waco.
    The .Gov... this time LOCALS, have again killed an innocent and have apparently escaped justice and responsibility... This is not the Land of Freedom and Liberty. Of Justice and Innocence... Of Duty or Honor... Or of Goodness over Evil.

    To all that see this and THINK this is an example of what is to come....
    To some, ie the Guerena family including the child(ren), it has already happened.
    Lives are lost... murdered... terminated...and we continue to read the internetz, watch the MSM, and burp.

    Sorry for the rant, but this is just plain sick.

  5. Well said Tareece and our forefathers must be turning over in their graves.

  6. Comment by: Rusty Cannon (7/20/2011)Keepand Bear Arms

    Congress claims authority to do home invasions and murder anyone who resits under the commerce clause. The reasoning being that illegal drug sales effects/affects pharmaceutical drug sales. Even the war on some drugs pales in comparison to the outlandish abuse of the commerce clause by the supreme court which has consistently chipped away at our natural rights until very little remains ever since the plutocrats invented the war on terror.

    You have the right to remain silent and anything you do say will be used against you.

    This war on terror and drugs is endless. I never thought I would look back on the cold war as the good old days.

  7. Forebodings

  8. So tell me now - what is there to lose, if anyone at all comes into your door uninvited, in pumping as many rounds into the intruders as possible - whether they are simply punks, uniformed punks, or just thugs who could afford to buy an online-order form badge and 'raid jacket'? I see NO difference in outcome. Might as well take out as many bastards before they murder you. Maybe you will leave the world just a little better place for the next guy.

  9. if anyone at all comes into your door uninvited, in pumping as many rounds into the intruders as possible - whether they are simply punks, uniformed punks, or just thugs who could afford to buy an online-order form badge and 'raid jacket'? I see NO difference in outcome. Might as well take out as many bastards before they murder you. Maybe you will leave the world just a little better place for the next guy.

    Right on and this country is going to explode at some point.

  10. I'm afraid- and damn sad to say - that Para Pacem has it right.

    If the first one through the door stands a large risk of going home in a BAG, it will become difficult to find one willing to be first through the door.

    Without a first, there can be no second, third or twelfth.

    While I'd obviously prefer my life be worth more than this, I'd accept that as price and feel honored if that's all I managed to accomplish...

    God help us - and GOD SAVE OUR REPUBLIC!

  11. I'm afraid- and damn sad to say - that Para Pacem has it right.

    If the first one through the door stands a large risk of going home in a BAG, it will become difficult to find one willing to be first through the door.

    Without a first, there can be no second, third or twelfth.
    About which, we have read concerning Stalin.

  12. Every murder by every group of uniformed thugs that does not lead to a criminal investigation by a grand jury is further proof of the death song these bastards are singing. Every appointed police chief, every elected sheriff that does not publicly denounce this policy of murder and immediately change their department policies is culpable. The time to stand is NOW ! Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God.

  13. Every appointed police chief, every elected sheriff that does not publicly denounce this policy of murder and immediately change their department policies is culpable.

  14. Ian has touched very valid considerations while writing an excellent article on this. A fresh and honest voice, intelligently composed, with a true finger on the pulse of all that Guerena's fate implies. I will be happy to spread this article around, with gratitude and attribution.

    Here is Brian Miller’s address at the Oath Keepers muster in Tucson, Arizona, on May 30, 2011, in memory of Jose Guerena and in sympathy for the widow and her children and family. This is what the Pima County Republican Party cannot afford to have associated with their fine upstanding name.

    Elias Alias, Montana Oath Keepers

  15. Thank you Sir for all your work and I posted your link below on July 4th.

    Neo-cons attack Oathkeeper's Jose Guerena's defender

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  17. Thanks, Elias, and Brock!

    What it comes down to is that a judge has ruled that we no longer have the right to defend ourselves against unknown, armed attackers - just in case they're police, AND - that those police, like any other thugs, may kill us and our families or any members thereof without consequences. And we are just supposed to allow it and hope we survive. The same goes for any encounter with the police. If one attacks you for any reason or none, you must simply hope you survive, then count yourself lucky, because you'll never get any satisfaction through the courts.

    This is NOT "freedom," "liberty," not fair, NOT the Rule of Law but the Rule of Thuggery, and we mere citizens are now officially designated "victims." And I think that before it's over, this is going to cost the lives of a lot of good people, citizens and cops both, when the real enemy, those who've pulled an insider takeover and destroyed the economy and too much else, is in Washington D.C. They've already stated in so many words that the Constitution is no longer applicable, and they've defined the solution in terms they feel they will win: violence.


  18. Thank you Ian and your post has received thousands of hits on this site, been picked up by others, in the main, Western Rifle Shooters Association and The War on Guns where I am certain they received many more.

    Thanks again and may the Republic prevail against all odds once again.

  19. Thanks again, Brock! And tareece, the best option I see is to get the statistics out there to every township and county that HAS a SWAT team and no real use for one, or not beyond giving the more thuggish of the cops another way to play "Mine is bigger than yours". We also need to remove ex-military and wannabe military from police forces and retrain those who remain. An awful lot of similar incidents happen when SWAT teams see a POSSIBLE threat and react to it as though it's real and immediate when it isn't. That's MILITARY training, not police training! Cops are supposed to minimize the level of violence; SWAT/military start with a high level of violence and ENDS IT, generally violently. That makes it a guarantee that too many innocent civilians are going to be killed. The judges who allow the police to lie in order to get warrants, and the police who take a lifelong criminal's word when he's out on parole and subject to blackmail, and the sheer carelessness in doing the paperwork and the give-a-shit attitude about wrong addresses all create a deadly half cop-half military, violent subculture that doesn't really belong anywhere.


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  21. An awful lot of similar incidents happen when SWAT teams see a POSSIBLE threat and react to it as though it's real and immediate when it isn't. That's MILITARY training, not police training! Cops are supposed to minimize the level of violence; SWAT/military start with a high level of violence and ENDS IT, generally violently.
    Well said and I guess it would have to be up to the people living in those towns, as I don't see an outsider being able to change the status quo. Fortunately, both of my locales do not have them. Since you are such a good scribe Ian, if you have the time to write something, I will be happy to get it out. If not, I'll use basically what you have already said.

  22. Brock, sorry I took so long to respond. Been having some health problems. Also, just recently remarried about 2 years after the the worst time of my life during which my wife died of an illness I'd been trying care for her during, and the during which the VA medical system damned near killed me. Anyway, been a busy few years, and I've disabled for 28. Wish I had more to offer, but I'm working on it! Thanks for the appreciation. I think my comments in that "article," which was, itself, actually a comment on another article, say what needs to be said aside from not having any suggestions for a remedy. OWS is a good start, but the militaristic side of the governments, being paid for/pushed by the 'elites'. is starting to wind up against the growing resistance. We need to be ready for that. So anyhow, go ahead and use whatever of my comments you like!


  23. Thanks, sorry for your troubles and hope things will look up.

  24. Here is a major problem, perhaps our biggest. It's clearly part of the reason for the "elites" who own the vast majority of our (stolen) wealth having taken over what used to be a peerless and courageous Fourth Estate: once, America's journalists would have spoken with one voice to tell Americans that this was a problem all over the country which MUST be dealt with! But now there’s no way to reach all of our people! The MSM is a tool that no longer belongs to us. We need to know first, that ordinary police are being literally conditioned, just like military is conditioned for war, to see all ordinary citizens as "the Enemy.” Rather than seeing us as the people who pay their salaries, as those they swore "to protect and to serve", any encounter with ordinary police can end in our deaths, sometimes just for asking a reasonable and perfectly legal question.

    And then there's SWAT.

    An Indiana judge has ruled that Americans have no right to defend ourselves and our families against armed thugs who break into our homes wearing black, their faces masked, no badges, no ID, and usually no warrant. These thugs may be police, or they may be robbers and killers imitating SWAT teams so that citizens will surrender immediately. Regardless, we are to surrender because we have no right to defend ourselves or our loved ones!

    We already know the War On Drugs is a war on people. It’s used as an excuse to imprison insane numbers of citizens and to grab off more power! Most of all, it’s used to protect the profits of Big Pharma, which can’t make any medicine as good as marijuana and can’t patent that. Cops are now judge, jury and executioners, as they were in the Guerna case.

    The DEA has also taken over the medical field of Pain Management, arresting and railroading - or helping the DoJ to railroad - over a thousand compassionate physicians who treated pain according to the Medical Standard of Care into prison. They broke no laws, but that no longer matters. And there are 117 MILLION pain patients who cannot get correct treatment. Chronic pain is often a fatal disease, and many patients die by their own hands every year. The DEA and other government agencies spread propaganda about opiates, addicts and addiction, so people think it's right to destroy these damaged, often dying, and most helpless of people and their families. The Drug War is a fake, a fraud. It's a ploy based on and bolstered by lies, violence and intimidation, by massive imprisonment of the innocent, by the twisting of laws and the destruction of our legal system to grab off more power. Like the War On Terror.

    Every act of terrorism I'm aware of has been traced to false flag ops by our own country, often in collusion with the Mossad and others. They have been used to justify the greatest power grab, theft of funds by the rich (clearly intended to destroy the economy) and destruction of the Constitution and the Rule of Law that has ever happened in America! And pretty much everyone in America has been classed as potential or likely terrorists. At the top of the list are veterans from our latest wars-for-oil-profits. People who call themselves "Constitutionalists," or "Patriots" are on their lists of likely terrorists. Mr. Guerna was killed because he owned a gun; it was the excuse for sending a SWAT team: because a combat veteran, honorably discharged, legally owned a gun.



    The Supreme Court is run by a majority of pro-corporate, anti-Constitutional, anti-worker and anti-citizen (and so anti-American) judges, all of whom should be charged and impeached for High Treason - and they would be if all those with the authority weren't also Right-Wing appointees themselves, like the Monsanto lobbyist who is now Mr. Obama's second in command at the FDA.

    The only tactics that I can see are protests like OWS, and acts like removing ALL of our own funds from the giant banks, and paying cash only, or bartering, and joining local credit unions. Stop paying your mortgages; do what they've tried to do to us: bleed them to death. Don't buy ANYTHING new that you don't have to. Buy no possible GMO or other poisoned food - which is pretty much ALL of the more processed foods. Grow a garden and trade with other gardeners; learn to can your own food and trade some of that.

    We can also educate our fellow Americans! Take the OathKeepers "Orders We Will Not Obey" to First Responders, to neighbors, talk with them about it; take them to veterans groups and active duty military. Talk to young people about why these wars are WRONG! Tell them about DU, about weaponized vaccines and medical experiments on military personnel and why not to join the military. Most of all though, remove your consent.

    No government rules anyone without the consent of those being ruled. This is NO government of ours, chosen by us. We didn't vote for these laws, or for people who told us they would promulgate such laws.


    It's time that Americans ran America for Americans, time that we had a living Constitution, and law enforcement instead of gangs of Brownshirts with badges, weapons and a license to kill. We've been told that America's government is "of, by and for the People." It's time to make that true again! Or it may be time to die trying.


  26. Ian:

    As usual right on target, thanks and I'll post it.

  27. And, as usual, all that ever gets done is:

    blah, blah, blah, blah blah blah. Blah, blah, blah, blah, ... .

    Wait, is that the music to DWTS coming on? ............ OMG! Gotta go, DWTSs is coming on. We can get back to this unimportant stuff later.

    Blah, blah, blah ....


  28. It's time in which People in america ran The usa with regard to People in america, moment we a living Metabolism, as well as police officers as an alternative to gangs regarding Brownshirts along with badges, tools plus a licenses to destroy. We have been told that Numerous federal government will be "of, by simply as well as the Folks.Inch You need to create that will accurate once more! As well as it can be time for you to perish attempting.

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