Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Only two senators, both Dems, Attended Jeff Flake’s Fake News Speech Comparing Trump To Stalin

Sen. Jeff Flake claims President Trump’s treatment of the fake news press harks back to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

Flake, dubbed Jeff “Flakey” by President Trump, made the remarks before an empty Senate chamber Wednesday blasting Trump ahead of his highly-anticipated Fake News Awards.

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  1. Flake is aptly named. He advanced the notion that a free press is essential to democracy. Assuming "free press" means not state controlled, I partially agree. However, what he should have said is "a free and unbiased press". The press, aka the MSM, may not be controlled by the state, but it is controlled by the Democratic Party. It is decidedly biased. Trump is right to call them out.

  2. Ironic.
    Flake delivering an "epic" speech to a fake audience.
    Flake is a fake. Sen. Fake.