Saturday, August 29, 2015

Vester Lee Flanagan, Social Justice Avenger

Via comment by Quartermain on Black Activists Call for Lynching and Hanging of W...

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A Communist is merely a socialist in a hurry. Vester Lee Flanagan, by his own description, was an impatient social justice warrior. The murderous means he employed to punish those he accused of bigotry made visible the latent lethal violence that resides in State policies oriented toward the same objective.

Flanagan, also known by the professional name Bryce Williams, was a promiscuous petitioner to the EEOC. After apparently growing weary of seeking to bureaucratize the violence he wanted to inflict on his former colleague, he chose a more direct approach, one we could call retail-level Leninism. As a representative of the “Who” — presumptive victims of discrimination — Flanagan exercised “power without limit” by killing two individuals numbered among the “Whom” — those presumed to be motivated by prejudice.

In calculating the moral price of the murders in Roanoke, psychologist James Garbarino of Loyola University – like most of the Custodians of Correct Opinion – gave the Social Justice Avenger an identity-based discount, and passed the costs on to others who don’t belong to a specially protected category.

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  1. Where's the blood in the pics. Hollow points at close range to the head, no blood, no brains. I call BS. Again.

    1. That was addressed here:

  2. He decides to go and kill two people after his firing from the station two yrs. ago.
    Why the delay? He was reportedly fired for violent outbursts. But, of course,
    he would never admit to this; it's someone elses fault, not his. I didn't do nuffin.

  3. Yeah, it was slavery that made me do it................................

  4. Looks like, sounds like, acts like, Obama's son.

  5. The perps in these shootings are seemingly chosen to illicit the max emotional, reactionary for gun control; white upper middle class shooting schoolchildren, jihadist shooting military, white racist shooting black people in their church and now a black gay shooting white blond career woman and putting it on social media. Gun control was passed in the 60's in reaction to the then original Black Panthers exercising their 2nd Amendment rights by open carry if M-1 rifles. So the supposedly conservative white middle class supported gun control because guns were " in the wrong hands". This played well for gun grabbers like LBJ and the supposedly conservative, Richard Nixon.

  6. Some good points. Seems like people have to do "something" to feel that are accomplishing things.

  7. Here is another follow-up on Memory Hole that asks some good questions - the comments as always are very informative, too. Who knows anything for sure at this point? Was Flanagan part of the deception, or was he set up. No matter what, we still don't know the truth here.