Sunday, February 28, 2016

RIOTS in Salt Lake City Following Police Shooting of Black Teen

Via Billy

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According to ‘witnesses’ — The teen was reportedly fighting and told to drop a “broomstick” when police shot him dead.

More with video @ The Gateway Pundit


  1. Abdi Mohamed - take no chances. The name speaks volumes.

  2. Last year at this time, I was homeless and sleeping in the cargo bed of my pickup truck, which has a camper shell.

    Because I was sick and in pain, I was being treated by the VA hospital, which referred me to the Homeless Shelter downtown.

    When I drove past it and saw the environment, I knew it would be unsafe for me to go there, so I just continued driving, and resumed sleeping in a city park.

    I thought it was a cruel joke for the VA to send any elderly homeless war veteran to that Homeless Shelter!

    Fortunately, some good friends helped me to eventually find a safe place to live, and I'm no longer homeless.

  3. This female deputy, her first assignment responding to a
    domestic disturbance, which I have read are the most dangerous, killed when she approached the door. Her father
    committed suicide the day after he had returned from Iraq.
    What Hell's he must have seen; what Hell's he must have
    had to participate in:
    The killer worked for the Pentagon.

    1. I saw that, but didn't post for some reason. Thanks.


  4. For some reason I thought this thug was killed but I guess
    not. "metal objects." Another violent gang member.

    1. Thanks.