Sunday, November 3, 2019

".....MSNBC host thinks the way to “get” President Donald Trump is to go after his children."

Everyone knows that MSNBC is basically the communications wing of the Democrat Party. But that could be said of every news outlet outside of Fox News.

It’s not as if MSNBC tries to hide it, either. They are open about their hatred for America and all things Trump. But what host Stephanie Ruhle just did was pretty bad.

This kind of partisan nonsense is exactly why most Americans don’t trust the MSM. Who decided, one day, out of the blue, that all journalists have to be liberals? Where did that come from?


  1. keep the masses confused and dumbed down. But sometimes there is an unintended crack in the program where the TRUTH slips into the broadcast before it can be edited out by the overlords of deception.

    Thanks Brock.

  2. It may just be the time to begin the construction of the Big Beautiful 12 Station Gallows on the National Mall. Right there in Plain sight of the Capital Building. Just to remind some people who is in charge. We the People are Fed up with their crap.