Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Outgoing NC Governor Bullied By DC Gaystapo Mob

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 IMAGE: Facebook

 While visiting Washington, DC on Inauguration Day and walking down the street with Fox Business anchor Lou Dobbs, recently defeated North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory was verbally accosted by radical socialists and gay activists, because of his support of the state’s “House Bill 2” last year.  

video posted on Facebook shows Greensboro radical Udai Basavaraj and others following McCrory, Dobbs and a couple of aides down a DC alley where they are cornered and have nowhere to escape — until law enforcement arrives. The incident goes on for a few minutes, that seem longer. The mob shouts repeatedly at McCrory, “Shame, shame,” and among the comments yelled were, “Shame on you,” “You’re a bigot and an a**hole,” “You’re not a man, you’re a coward.”

Meanwhile rioters smashed storefronts and burned vehicles elsewhere in Washington on Friday. And according to Breitbart.com, protesters attacked actor Scott Baio when he attended the Liberty Ball at the Inauguration.

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