Thursday, March 16, 2017

House to Vote Soon on Repealing Veterans Gun Ban

Via John


It has been one of the most contemptible chapters in American history.

Over 257,000 veterans -- fresh from putting their lives on the line for American freedom -- have returned to our country, only to be stripped of their constitutional rights without due process.

But this chapter is about to come to an end.

Tomorrow, on the House floor, the House will consider H.R. 1181 -- a bill to restore the rights of veterans to keep and bear arms.

So here is the current situation:  over 257,000 veterans who have experienced trauma in Vietnam, or Sarajevo, or Kabul, or Mosul, have made the mistake of seeking counseling from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

VA psychiatrists, with no due process whatsoever, then proceeded to appoint a “guardian” over the finances of these law-abiding veterans -- and have used this appointment as an excuse to send their names to the NICS secret “gun ban list” in West Virginia.

In some cases, police have arrived at their homes to take away the guns they already have.

And those veterans who have kept a single gun for hunting or self-defense risk a felony conviction and a decade in prison.

All for honorably serving their country.  And all at the behest of cowards like Barack Obama who wouldn’t have thought of risking their lives for America’s freedom.

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  1. Brock, Et Alii:

    Regarding this proposed legislation, I sent the following message to my Congressman:

    Congressman Bishop:

    As a "LIFE" member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, I am writing to give you my personal opinion of H.R.1181, the "VETERANS SECOND AMENDMENT PROTECTION ACT".

    No citizen of our United States of America needs legislative action to "protect" an inalienable right we were born with.

    What we do need (desperately!) is for our elected public officials, their appointed bureaucrats, and all other government employees, at every echelon of government, to obey their sacred, publicly sworn oath of office to uphold and defend our inalienable rights, and our divinely inspired Constitution of the United States of America, along with those inspired, sacred, eternal principles stated in our Declaration of Independence.

    The individual right to keep and carry a fully loaded firearm of any type (including military type weapons) is an inalienable right, which may not be infringed upon by any government entity, at any level, not even to require licensing, permits, taxation, and/or fees.

    The entire purpose of Amendment II to our Constitution of the United States of America is to guarantee that we, the people, will always have the practical means, if it should become necessary, to rise up in open rebellion to overthrow despotic tyranny emanating from within our own government.

    Thank you.

    At Your Service,

    John Robert Mallernee, KB3KWS
    Disabled War Veteran, United States Army
    Ashley Valley Shadows
    Vernal, Utah 84078