Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Invalid Macon Boy's diary 1861 - 1865 will be published in 2018

Comment by TPS  on Invalid Macon boy's diary 1861 - 1865

 (Michael Ruane/ THE WASHINGTON POST ) - A little-known diary of invalid teenager, LeRoy Wiley Gresham, who chronicled the Civil War, and his own ailments, from his home in Macon, Ga. He wrote seven volumes that cover from June 1860 to June 9, 1865. He died June 18, 1865 at age 17. The library said the diary apparently never been published.

 We are proud to announce that Savas Beatie will be publishing these journals in their entirety, edited and annotated, soon. It is not up on our website yet because it is a 2018 title.

They are utterly remarkable, and we believe will be one of the most important firsthand accounts of the Civil War ever published.

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