Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Trump’s First Quarter Salary Donated to Sharpsburg Battlefield

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Trump’s Park Service salary donation goes to Civil War battlefield

President Trump’s donation of his first-quarter salary will go toward a pair of projects at a preserved Civil War battlefield in Maryland.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke traveled Wednesday to the Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland, 70 miles northwest of Washington, D.C., to announce his choice of where to direct the $78,333.32 check Trump gave to the National Park Service (NPS) in April.

“I can find no better investment in our country than our battlefields,” Zinke told NPS employees, philanthropists and reporters as he stood among the hills and cornfields where thousands of Union and Confederate soldiers died on a single day in 1862.

“As a former Navy SEAL … it’s about preserving our heritage of why we fight,” he said. “We fight for our family, we fight for our friends, we fight for our country, and we fight for our freedom.

An anonymous donor and three nonprofit organizations added to Trump’s donation to bring it up to $264,213, the NPS said.

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  1. I didn't know Trump was going to do this, but it sounds like him. I'd probably hate the guy as a person, but I can't help grinning at the stuff he does.
    The NYC skating rink and the 50-foot flagpole in front of his Palm Beach place are examples of why I like the guy.

    - Charlie

  2. I don't ever remember the obomo homo doing this, he took his pay.

  3. Yeah, Obama said, "you've made enough money"----->

    But here lately, he private jetted, and then with a large vehicle caravan leaving a big "carbon footprint" to an Italian Mountain resort to talk "climate change" for 3.2 million. And that's probably not his last paid speech. --Ron W

  4. I'd be sittin' pretty in retirement with 3.2 mil. But with Barry Soetoro's lifestyle and shadow government duties, that ain't near enough, despite the nice government payout for the rest of his life and hired guns to protect him and his family--something he would deny us at our own expense. --Ron W

    1. something he would deny us at our own expense