Sunday, August 9, 2015

This n' That

Approaching Ocracoke on the ferry.  $15 for the 2 1/2 hour trip.  Cheap.

Teeter's Campground, the place to stay.  He takes your reservation over the phone with no info required but your name and only takes cash or a check when you arrive or leave.  His grandparents gave the land for the British Cemetery which is at the beginning of the block Southern manners.


Every night the ducks waddle in to sleep.

Fried green tomatoes.

Across the street from the campground above and below.

The best deal going and very friendly also.

Evidently I have the only Sambuca ever made as nothing comes up in a search.  I guess a man decided to start building them and then for whatever reason stopped. A 1995 with 61K and pristine.

Leaving the dock on the ferry back with another injury to my left foot after one last year.  I believe they must be from a bad injury I had sliding into home with steel cleats in high school.  Strange that it has waited this long to reoccur.

Emerald Isle


Our backyard in Cape Carteret

Giving my foot a rest. :)

The summers here remind me of Vietnam, but much cooler and delightful.


  1. Really nice pictures Brock, beautiful area. (I was in your beck of the woods three weeks ago, delivering freight to, two locations off of I-26, and again off of I- 20. ( Irmo, was the name of the town, for my first drop).

  2. Heaven on earth. Your karma is awesome Brock.

  3. Beats waddling around with a politician!