Sunday, August 9, 2015

Man charged in Birmingham detective's beating; outrage follows support of attack on social media

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A Center Point man with a violent past is now charged with attempted murder in the pistol-whipping of a Birmingham police detective during a traffic stop Friday morning.

Police today identified the suspect as 34-year-old Janard Shamar Cunningham, also known as Janaris Shavar Cunningham. He has at least a half dozen convictions dating back to 1999, and as many arrests in which charges were dismissed during the same time period.

Cunningham is charged in the beating of a detective who is a six-year veteran of the force.
Authorities said Cunningham stole the detective's gun and then repeatedly hit him in the head until the detective stopped moving.

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  1. These animals should be treated as such. Euthanized!

  2. These animals should be euthanized

  3. My daughter showed me other comments on the "sons" Facebook page. It is simply outrageous. He goes on and on in broken English about cops in general, calling for white cops to be killed, and how if the detective had been black it would not have been in the news, etc. He is a real work of art. I wouldn't doubt the "son" who claims the street name "Big Gucci"gets disappeared soon.


    1. Thanks and anyone who doesn't carry these days, must be nuts.

  5. Unfrigginbelievable. Our finest reduced to this. These things believe themselves
    to be martyrs. Far from it. They are abominations. There is a caste system and
    they better learn to follow it. Really sad. Darren Wilson's life ruined for a common
    violent criminal who was mentally defective.

    1. Seems like much of the population is mentally defective.

  6. The pics in The Last Refuge a bit clearer. The crowd standing around laughing and
    cheering. The crowd would put the zombies in the Walking Dead to shame. How
    far down as a society we've come. Despicable. From what I gather, most people
    who hate police are themselves criminals. They are the type who video tape dying
    people instead of helping.