Sunday, January 29, 2017

MORE HYPOCRISY: Obama Banned all Iraqi Refugees for 6 Months in 2011 – Liberals SAID NOTHING!

Via Billy

Protests erupted at JFK’s terminal 4 on Saturday after incoming refugees were detained by customs and border patrol agents following Trump’s executive order temporarily banning refugees from 7 Muslim countries.

Of course, back in 2011 when Barack Obama banned Iraqi refugees for six months the far left said nothing!

In 2011 the US discovered Al-Qaeda terrorists living as refugees in Kentucky.

As a result of this discovery the Obama administration blocked all Iraqi refugees from entering the US for six months.
There were no protests.

The left said nothing.
ABC reported:


  1. Indeed.

    Worked as a contractor in the United Arab Emirates for 4 years.

    Asked my boss there recently home on leave about the Syrian 'refugee' issue as viewed by the "Gulf News" (newspaper for the Emirates).

    He said 'what issue?' They (the Emiratis) and the Saudis gubmint position is that they will not take a single Syrian in, despite the fact that they are their Sunni brethren.

    Wonder what those guys know that we don't?