Sunday, January 29, 2017

President Trump, Good to His Word

Via Billy


Read my latest over at Breitbart News and share it widely. We are the counter balance to the enemedia. We are the army that must go head to head against their propaganda. We must expose their smear, demonization and libel in the information battle-space. You and me.

Trump’s first week has been astonishing.

People who are say that Donald Trump is not a politician are wrong. He is the only politician we have seen for a long time.

My friend Alan S said, “What Donald Trump is exposing here and now with his actions,
achievements and projected workload, is just how little his predecessors actually did, how entrenched they actually were, how useless they actually where and are before the people they are supposed to represent and how much of a self serving insincere game it was for them prior to him and this, or his Presidency. Barrack Obama should be feeling really embarrassed and exposed in light of his statements about, or with regard to one man, or the Presidential job is too big for one person and obviously not being able to do the President’s job, and as I said soon after, he would be proven wrong and I think he actually is and has been in a very short space of time indeed.”

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