Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stand your ground

Via Billy

Trayvon Martin

Those who stood, those who fell: fatal cases

Critics say "stand your ground" turned Florida into the Wild West. Supporters say it has helped keep innocents out of jail. The truth of how the law has been used over the past six years was unknown until now

What follows is the most comprehensive list of "stand your ground" cases ever created. Browse by victim or defendant, by fatal or nonfatal cases. Hover over a photo to explore the basics of each case or click it for a more detailed case file. Use the buttons at right to filter by race, sex and location.

 Breakdown of case outcomes

                      40 convicted  
 73 justified
20 pending


  1. Typical lying news media. The Martin case was listed and that was not a stand your ground case. They even stated in the article that there was no stand your ground hearing. They also said the "victim" did not break any law. How about assault and attempted murder.



    1. assault and attempted murder.

      Inconvenient facts.