Thursday, July 18, 2013

1984: Free Download

 Via comment by Anonymous on Amazon Secretly Removes “1984" From the Kindle



When I went to the site it showed my recent books and among them was Ripcord; Screaming Eagles Under Siege, Vietnam 1970  which I checked out of the Carteret Community College library.  Do they have someway of accessing books people check out from libraries or could this have been picked up from my post about it?  Very, very strange to me.


  1. Yeah,I'm always amazed at the inter-connectivity of the internet,how the pop-up ads change in response to searches you do,and how online vendors seem to know the kind of things you're looking for.I,for one,was not at all surprised to find that the Feds are watching us on the web,considering even the local grocery store can tailor pop-up ad to my recent shopping trips.It's definitely 1984 come true.

  2. Hittin pretty close to home eh Brock? If we only new the half of it.

  3. In 1952 I read 1984 in the Social(istic) Studies class at NC State College,along with (although this may have been later) Rules for Radicals. I had no doubt that 1984 predicted our future and I have always considered "Radicals" to have been just good business principles, hardly subversive. A favorite writer said that "Everything is connected to everything." I operate on that premise. Of course they know the books we've checked out of the public library.

  4. Think I'll check out Tom Sawyer.......:)