Saturday, March 26, 2016

"This is what national suicide looks like."


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A man who tweeted about stopping a Muslim woman in the street yesterday, challenging her to “explain Brussels”, and lambasted on Twitter for his comments, has responded to the criticism today, insisting he is not some ‘far right merchant’.
Matthew Doyle, partner at a south London-based talent & PR agency, posted a tweet on Wednesday morning saying: “I confronted a Muslim woman in Croydon yesterday. I asked her to explain Brussels. She said ‘nothing to do with me’. A mealy mouthed reply.”
He was later arrested.
At some point, people figure out that posting a complaint on twitter is the same as punching someone in the face so they will start doing the latter. In fact, this man should have just punched the woman and walked away. The chances of him being arrested would have been lower. That’s how things are under an anarcho-tyranny. The cops only reach for the low hanging fruit.

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  1. England has been on the rocks for sometime already.

  2. I think there was a kind of infatuation with the noble savage ideal. I think that is how the saw Muslims. But it might have been with gun laws also. I am not sure. I have not studied the problem in depth.

  3. This is what national suicide looks like also, hence, the
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