Monday, August 25, 2014

Black-on-white beating revenge for Michael Brown?

 Police Chief Tim Brinkley of West Point, Miss.

Police are investigating a brutal beating at a Mississippi restaurant that some are calling an attempted revenge killing for Michael Brown

A verbal alternation between two white men and up to seven black men began at a West Point Waffle House shortly after 1 a.m. Saturday.

The restaurant’s management warned the two groups to “take it outside” and the two whites, Ralph Weems and David Knighten, left the scene after some words were exchanged. About an hour later, the men stopped at a Huddle House and realized they had been followed by “about 20 people,” according to a local TV station. The verbal confrontation resumed and, this time, it turned violent.

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  1. That's one dumb police chief! Note to self 'more magazines'.

  2. What good is a gun if you don't use it when you need it? Of course it's racist.
    Every one has been a hate crime, at least the ones I have read about.
    The gov is allowing this to fester. Now I know why the South held these people
    down. Violence of the DNA. The South knew what they were dealing with.

  3. Violence of the DNA.

    Considering the ones I grew up with, I would like to believe that it has been more a *learned emotion than from DNA, but I may be wrong, of course.

    * Thanks to government programs/propaganda and the Race-baiters and of which the foremost culprit is our Marxist-in-Chef followed closely by the ever impartial AG.............