Sunday, December 13, 2015

RED ALERT: Paul Ryan Set to Hand Obama a Blank Check to Bring In an "Unlimited Number" of Islamic Refugees

Via Michael 


A Saturday report from Fox News’ Chad Pergram lends support to the repeated warnings of Alabama Senators Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) and Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is preparing to issue President Obama a blank check in the year-end omnibus to admit Muslims refugees from across the globe. 

According to Pergram, the massive trillion-dollar omnibus is expected to be made public Monday and voted on Wednesday.

According to Pergram, House Republicans are gearing up to attach a proposal to the omnibus that has been decried by Sessions and others as empowering Obama to bring in an unlimited number of refugees. Pergram writes that the omnibus may include: “some combination language which tightens up the visa waiver program and bolsters a review of Syrian and Iraqi refugees coming to the U.S.”

The language “bolster a review of Syrian and Iraqi refugees,” appears to be a direct reference to the Ryan-McCaul proposal which passed the House on November 19 and was rebuked as a “show vote” that accomplished nothing other than allowing more Muslim refugees into the country.

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  1. As I recall, Paul Ryan had many demands before he would accept the House Leadership position. One of them was that he would still spend lots of time with his family. Dear People of Wisconsin, could you please replace him in the next election and let him take all the time he needs. Boehner wasn't going to step down unless an equally despicable quisling would take his place.

    1. Boehner wasn't going to step down unless an equally despicable quisling would take his place.

      You nailed it, sweetie.

  2. Ya this is the guy I want as the next President. But he is a good party line GOP member. The very reason the establishment GOP hates Trump so much. Trump will not play by the rules where everyone wins except America and her citizens.

    1. When the SHTF I just there are enough 3%ers to hunt down every one of these traitors and put em down. And yes, I am sure I am on the government's hit list for my speech.


    2. "I am sure I am on the government's hit list for my speech."

      Not to worry...there's so many of us on so many lists that if they stick to the lists, there's no way they can kill us all in their lifetime, which won't be very long at all, anyways. :)

      Central Alabamaian

  3. Everyone thought Boner was going to be a thorn in the Dems side when he became Speaker....didn't take long for him to
    roll over and start sucking Dem dick. Now Ryan....he talked
    tough but it's looking like he sold out in a hurry. Makes you
    wonder just exactly what kind of 'influence' the dems have to use as blackmail. Same with John Roberts and the ridiculous Obamacare ruling..... blackmail is certainly nothing the dems would shirk from using if it served their needs. The problem is I doubt there is a dozen people in congress who are immune from blackmail so those who have access to NSA resources have access to the skeletons they can use to keep people from being a problem for them.

    1. John Roberts and the ridiculous Obamacare ruling

      A charade.