Saturday, April 2, 2016

This State’s GOP Moves to Strip Trump of 50 Delegates…Apparently Voters DON’T Matter

Via Merlin

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Apparently the game is afoot as a desperate GOP establishment looks to every possible way to prevent Donald Trump from winning the nomination.

We have already seen Republican insiders claim that the voters don’t matter and that a clique of party regulars actually decides who “wins” the nomination. We have been warned of dirty tricks and rules changes to deny Trump the nomination, but this may be the boldest yet!
According to Time,

Donald Trump’s announcement that he no longer stands by a pledge to support the GOP has thrown his hold on South Carolina’s 50 delegates in doubt.

The Palmetto State was one of several that required candidates to pledge their loyalty to the party’s eventual nominee in order to secure a slot on the primary ballot. Though Trump won all of the state’s delegates in the Feb. 20 primary, anti-Trump forces are plotting to contest their binding to Trump because of his threat on the pledge Tuesday.

So in spite of beating Rubio and Cruz by over ten points, Trump faces the possibility of losing all of the delegates, a move that would almost guarantee an open convention and deny him the nomination.


  1. I think the individual state parties have total authority over the rules and procedures that apportion their delegates. Does the South Carolina GOP have any published rules that pertain to this situation?

    1. A search didn't turn up anything and good point/question. If they don't have it in writing now, maybe it's all BS and needs to be looked into.Thanks.