Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Stone Mountain Memorial Association has approved the Communist $NAACP$, the $PLC, Antifa, and the Black Panther$ to rally at Stone Mountain

Via Reborn

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It has been confirmed. The Stone Mountain Memorial Association has approved the Communist NAACP, the SPLC, Antifa, and the Black Panthers to rally at Stone Mountain with National media coverage to raise funds and support to remove all Confederate carvings from Georgia and beyond - on February 2 (Super Bowl weekend in Atlanta). They denied Our permit to defend Our sacred landmarks and then concealed what they had planned from everyone. While the big money globalists push their Communist agenda through their monopolized media and their NFL, We working class folk are denied our first amendment rights, and the cowardly lawyers that serve not the people but the stacked and biased courts, refuse to defend Us. 


  1. THAT MY FRIENDS WILL GET FUGLY, EARLY! There it is, all the fuel one needs for a severe conflagration. A SETUP FOR SURE, PERHAPS A TRAP. The SPARK HEARD AROUND THE WORLD. That is a CLARION CALL to arms, on BOTH SIDES. Methinks.

    1. I assume it is a lucrative park. Maybe some investors will buy it.