Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Ralph Northam, Democrats prove fear works to win

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On Tuesday night, Democrat Ralph Northam became the next governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, beating Republican Ed Gillespie in a brutal campaign that stoked people's fears in the age of Donald Trump.

With 98 percent reporting, Northam won with just over 53 percent of the vote and a margin of eight points. In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton carried the commonwealth with almost a five-point margin of victory.

And while President Trump endorsed Gillespie in the last remaining weeks of the campaign, the Republican candidate was coy about expressing his support for the president. However, for Northam and the Democrats, Trump's endorsement was all they needed to paint Gillespie, a Washington insider and moderate Republican, as a white supremacist. It didn't help that Gillespie endorsed keeping the statues of Confederate generals and soldiers in Virginia.


  1. the final straw though was the fear-mongering ref to health care, northam telling old folks and freeshit army folks that gillespie was going to take their medicare/medicade away. gonna be a long 4 years. i believe we have seen our last republican governor, ever. va will go down like kalifornia in a matter of a few years. we are outnumbered by the freeshit army now, and northam vowed "more diversity for virginia" last night. now i gotta look at that smug s.o.b. every day, knowing he won by the same number as he and ol carpetbagger terry pardoned last year. grrrrrrr