Saturday, February 20, 2016

Blunt Trump Thump Ricochet’s Off Pope’s Target

Via comment by Quartermain on The Commie Pope . .

Pope Francis has stated that GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is not a Christian. Based on what? The fact that Trump wants to put a halt to runaway illegal immigration into America which has resulted in rising crime, rapes and even murder by Islamists, causing uncertainty to all. Really!

Let’s get back to basics.  When God created the world he did it with perfection and great care. 

Countries emerged throughout God’s Creation, each with distinctive people, speaking their own language and living according to their own customs and culture. There were boundaries to each country which required a passport for anyone to come in. This assisted in keeping order in those countries, since they knew who was coming and going. God is a God of order.

As Communism grew and spread, countries went on a quest to erase all borders so as to be free to meld with other countries, particularly The United States that was seen as a cash cow to anyone who came in, with or without papers.

Immigrants always had the freedom to come in legally, apply for citizenship, and then enjoy the benefits of a free country. A standard was required of those who wanted to come and live here. Those days have drastically changed.

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