Friday, August 21, 2015

Update regarding Copperhead activities up here (Southern Illinois)


 It's Been A Long Hard Road 2010 Tour, Cape Carteret, NC


Friend Brock,

Remember when we first started communicating all those years back, and I told you how this area was a hotbed of Copperhead activities? I am button poppin' proud to inform you it remains that way to this day.

Since that idiot shot those poor folks and his pic was posted holding our flag and all that has ensued since, Pam and I have counted more than seventy five (75) new flags flying up here. You can see them flying at peoples homes , out the back of pick up trucks, on car antennas, etc. These numbers do not count the 103 flags Pam and I  personally gave away to date; nor does it count such items as license plates bumper stickers and those sort of items.

People have had enough. We just saw a panel truck in town that said on the back "OK you haters if you don't like this American  flag (it was the battle flag) then you need a history lesson...if you still don't like this American flag, then you can kiss my sweet ass. Have a beautiful day." I thought it was great.

Also personal note Pam and I are going to see Whiskey Myers on Sept 5 just a few short miles from here. The ad on the radio says "Whiskey Myers a  real Southern  band and proud of it"  gotta love it.

Hope all is well there, our love to the entire family,

T is a pic of the new band minus the pretty girl who plays keyboards for us, we hadn't hired her yet. lol


  1. Thanks for the post, and thanks for the sweet 2010 memories. Man was I fat back then. Down to 140 now. Shanna's note on your fridge brought a tear to my eye, then I laughed about the fox watching the hen house. btw. Talked to Shanna in Fayetteville last night, she (as always) said ( "tell Mr. Brock I said hello." I said Fayetteville actually she moved back to Hope Mills, but, to me I can't tell where one ends and the other starts. Anyway, thanks again for the post we are going to start recording a new CD in a couple weeks, Jimmy's wife passed way, so he moved back from Vegas with all new studio equipment, and no place big enough to set it up, so I said bring it on over. So, new studio being built here, and I get a pro South band mate of 18 years back in my life. Through in 3 great musicians in their 20's and Jimmy and I are in high cotton music wise. Be safe be well. Hope to be in your neighborhood mid to late fall. Won't have but about a week total, unless I get some more gigs, then we might get to stay a bit longer. Be safe be well T

    1. Some good news and we will be at Dixieland the 29th to the 5th. See you soon!

      8th NC PATCON September 30 - October 5th 2015