Friday, August 21, 2015

Trump Likely to be BANNED from Future Republican Debates

Via avordvet

This report should make Donald Trump supporters angry! While taxpayers are often funding political debates, the Republican Party has the ultimate say over its own events.

And while the GOP is supposed to stand for the principles of the Founding Fathers, it can be manipulated by the political establishment which can’t stand Trump’s conservative views.

The real reason why the GOP is focusing on Trump’s threat to run as a 3rd party candidate is it would give them grounds to boot him from future debates. The Republican Party, to protect its interests, is probably willing to boot the front-runner candidate. And they have savvy enough operatives,Karl Rove, who are ready to do it…


  1. These Republicans would all rather be the Washington Losers than winning with a non-conformist who may "rock the boat" in Washington.
    No change is good for the career politician.
    Get rid of them all!

  2. You want to GUARANTEE a President Trump next November? Freezing him out of the debates will make the reaction to 12/7/41 look tame.

    Go ahead, make his day...

    1. It'll guarantee an end to the R's which wouldn't be much of a lost.

  3. Ronald Reagan garnered much support during the first Republican candidates' debate back in '79 and he wasn't even at the debate.