Monday, February 25, 2013

Support for Confederate Flag now a “mental illness”


If the South should lose, it means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy. That our youth will be trained by Northern school teachers, will be impressed by all of the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors and our maimed veterans as fit subjects for derision.- Patrick Cleburne
The above statement turned out to be even more prophetic than General Patrick Cleburne could have ever imagined, not only did his prediction come true in the United States, it has now proven true for our northern neighbor, Canada.

The Toronto Star reports:
A high school in York Region has banned a controversial flag long synonymous with America’s Deep South, but also with prejudice and racism.
The Confederate flag became popular at Sutton District High School in the last two years, said principal Dawn Laliberté, emblazoned on bandanas, lighters, belt buckles, backpacks and pickup truck windows.
After explaining the flag’s symbolism to students this week, the school implemented a ban.
“Our first step is always to educate. We are only dealing with a handful of students who view it as a white pride kind of thing, so we thought now is the time to get the message out,” Laliberté said.
Time after time, when asked about the Confederate flag, the majority of students be it in the U.S. or Canada say that it is not a symbol of racism, but rather a symbol of their heritage, a way of life, their culture, only to be scolded and told that it is racist and subsequently banned.

Perhaps the most disturbing subject of this article seems to be that sporting the Confederate flag and celebrating ones culture is now a mental disease. Again quoting the Toronto Star:
A 2011 study in Political Psychology by psychologist Joyce Ehrlinger showed exposure to the Confederate flag resulted in “more negative judgments of black targets.”
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where this is heading, soon this study will be used far and wide in school districts across the U.S. , all the usual suspects appear in the Toronto Star article, diversity is good (unless you happen to fall into the pro Confederate flag category), lack of exposure to Black History Month etc.


  1. ...and since mental illness is a prohibiting factor for gun ownership...

    1. Heh! Good one. Hope they don't think of it.:)

    2. Brock, i believe TPTB already have! The writing is on the wall (IMHO).

  2. Let me put on my (dusty, since I've retired) psychiatrist's hat: no.

    I just pulled the abstract up on the internet (and I'll be damned to the lowest level of Baptist hell before I shell out good money to buy the whole thing for 24 hours, as is Wiley's standard practice), and it can be found here:

    Here's the first red flag: "We predicted that exposure to the Confederate flag would activate negativity toward Blacks and result in lowered willingness to vote for Obama." Note the 'predicted', rather than the more neutral (and standard) 'hypothesized'. To no one's surprise "As predicted, participants primed with the Confederate flag reported less willingness to vote for Obama than those primed with a neutral symbol." So, they proved what they wanted to prove. Can you say 'thumb on the scale?'

    Now, here's my question: what if they had done this study with, say, actual crime statistics? Since the proportion of crimes committed by black men is FAR out of proportion to their prevalence in the population, what would it have shown if 'priming' voters with crime statistics made them more reluctant to vote for a black man? RAAACISM? Or, maybe common sense?

    Still and all, Anon probably has the right of it. Although, I feel a letter to the principal of this school coming on...nah. I'm not going to waste my time.

  3. "We are only dealing with a handful of students who view it as a white pride kind of thing, "

    Can't have that! It could lead to questioning affirmative action and the benefits of diversity!

    1. The weakest of excuses will do to further Control.

  4. FYI for you Americans far to the south. The Toronto Star is referred to as 'The Red Star' for it's pro-communist slant for the past 70 or so years, and also as the 'Liberal Party Newsletter'. It is far more to the left than say the New York Times. Also the Toronto District School Board is the most 'progressive' school board in Canada which is saying something. In the past few years they have created 'Afrocentric' curricula for black students and at one High School an Imam comes in every Friday to give a sermon to Muslim students. The seating arrangement is boys in front, girls behind them and any girls who are menstruating at the back of the room against the wall as far from the Imam as possible.

    Here's an article


    1. Thanks man and I'll make this a separate post. I used to visit Taki's every day, but don't have the time anymore to go to most of my favorites, so I thank readers like you for alerting me to these gems.:)