Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In 1860 It Was Really Cultural Marxism

Via Billy

In our day many of us have become aware of the prevalence of something called “Cultural Marxism.” We have a vague idea of what that means and we realize it is something that is not good, for this country or any country—and we are not the only ones who have imbibed it. Yet many do not really realize how it works to destabilize a society.

Recently, I read an interesting book called Saints and Scoundrels, written by Robin Phillips and published by Canon Press in Moscow, Idaho. Starting on page 272, Mr. Phillips gives as good a critique on Cultural Marxism and how it works as anything I have seen anywhere. It’s written in layman’s terms, not difficult to understand, and I believe he wrote it that way on purpose. John Q. Average, reading this, will be able to grasp how Cultural Marxism is affecting our society and culture today. If this book ever gets any kind of following in our day I can just imagine the response of the church-at-large. That response will be “The Lord’s in control, so don’t worry about any of this stuff.”


  1. That response will be "The Lord's in control, so don't worry about any of this stuff."

    What it really means is..yes I am that much of a coward, I don't want to think about it, I cringe at the idea that I might have to make decision and then act upon it. It is messy and uncomfortable. It will make other people uncomfortable and angry at me. I'd rather stick with my safe churchy programs.
    The contemporary church has abandonded the current culture to the cultural Marxists. In effect the church going folks, have told the creator of the universe, the relm of politics and culture is none of his damn business and what the pundits, the media, the experts think and opine trumps what the god they believe and profess to worship has to say.
    As I see it, if any Pastor has not preached a sermon openly condems the culture or TPTB, or has "offended" some one because what was preach was politically incorrect then that pastor is NOT doing his job. If you are preaching the Word of God, you are supposed to offend some one. People hate to be told that their life style is sinful and that there are moral absolutes.

    1. People hate to be told that their life style is sinful and that there are moral absolutes.

      Because it doesn't make them feel good. :)