Tuesday, June 17, 2014

73-year-old Hamblen County man takes down burglar after being shot twice

 Don Grubb, 73, recovering after getting shot twice while defending his daughter's property from two burglars

A 73-year-old Hamblen County man was recovering Sunday night after getting shot twice while defending his property from two burglars.

The incident started around 11:40 p.m. Saturday night just off Long Creek Road.

Don Grubb was in bed Saturday night when his dog wouldn't stop barking.

"It was around midnight. My dog Toby was barking, and I got up and come outside and a car come by real slow," Grubb said.

The car, described as a light blue Crown Victoria, then drove right into his garden. The drivers took off to his granddaughter's house next door. That's when Grubb, a military veteran, grabbed his gun and jumped into action.

"I sat up there by their car and waited on them. I could hear them at the house. I heard it when they kicked the door down," Grubb said.

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