Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Use-of-Force Restrictions Placed on Border Patrol Agents

Via comment by cavmedic68w on Brainwashing Over-Educated American Liberals
"It's time for the U.S to get serious about immigration. We can start by taking away their incentives to be here. All benefits: medical, food stamps, public housing, education, everything. ...Our government is encouraging foreign nationals to come into our country illegally and stay."

U.S. Border Patrol will put in place new policies to restrict the use of force by agents. The new rules come amid the revelation that illegal immigrants are entering the U.S. at record rates and overwhelming federal resources. 

Under the new restrictions, Border Patrol agents will be required to avoid situations where deadly force may be used. "Examples include refraining from blocking moving vehicles' paths or firing at rock-throwers unless in imminent danger, the Huffington Post reported. "Additionally, agents will be trained on how to carry and use lighter weapons, while also facing restrictions on taser use."
Placing tight restrictions on Border Patrol agents could hinder their ability to protect the border or their own lives.

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  1. This invasion is designed to destroy America. Obama hates this country and is working hard to obliterate everything America.


  2. Why hasn't he been picked up yet? And tried for treason.