Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Real Reason The Cops Crashed The Pool Party

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Here we go again, another “Black Lives Matter” riot on the way for McKinney, Texas.

Over the weekend there was another “Twitter Pool Party” by one  (at twitter).  Apparently his forte is to send out mass invites via social media and flash mob community pools.  Why? Well because Black Privilege, thats why.  These parties have obtained on the small end about 100 people to a community pool that have no right to be there.  They set up DJ tables and pay no mind to the paying, legitimate residents who are now forced to listen to their music, their mouths, tolerate teens smoking weed and drinking…..at their pool.   You know the ones, those good kids that “just want to have fun.” YOLO right?

More with video @ Living While White


  1. Obama and his co-conspirators are doing everything possible to start either a race war, pandemic from illegals, major terrorist attack or all three. This has been the plan from the beginning, to crash America. Once SHTF Marshal Law will be declared and the Constitution burned. Obama has worked nonstop to create the conditions a major coup can happen with him taking over. Why do you think hundreds of high-ranking military leaders have been purged? Obama has eliminated any that would not follow his illegal orders. Why do you think the economy gets worse every year? Why do you think only “black lives” matter not all lives? Life in America will soon resemble all the shit-hole counties around the world.


  2. Yep. Anyone remember the "flash mob riot" in Louisville last year? That was the only one of TEN such incidents to make national news. My favorite was the one where BUSLOADS of "black children" were taken to a "members only" pool on the other side of the county , by a group of "civil rights" activist ,who tried to "crash" the gate and had to be herded back on the busses by the cops. The same "activist" then filed a law suit claiming that "blackness" allowed them to go anywhere they wanted and TAKE anything they wanted ; And anything else was discrimination. The court threw the whole thing out and upheld the trespassing arrest of 15 adults and 56 "black youths" and this one didn't even turn violent. Several others have. A lot of us in central Ky. think that all of this is just the build up to 1960s style "kill whitey" riots this summer. ---Ray --- PS The local news reported that the LMPD; ORDERED them not to report hundreds of black on white rapes, armed robberies , assaults, and shootings in Louisville. They are afraid that "armed whites" might defend themselves and "make matters worse by shooting their attackers". All this while carloads of "unknown inner city youths" shoot up cars at random on the freeway, in what some are now calling "rolling driveby shootings " and the LEO's are trying to hush THAT up too calling it all "road rage". This will only get worse until we MAKE it end.--Ray

    1. "armed whites" might defend themselves and "make matters worse by shooting their attackers".

      Exactly what is needed.

  3. Make it worse for the damn black thugs, Jim Crow laws here we go again! And about damn time too! The old southerners and mid-westerners knew why we had them onthe books, you think this is a modern problem?

  4. Years ago before flash-mobs were the rage, the convenience storekeepers in Dallas were having a problem with 4 to 6 black youths doing stop-and-grabs, usually targeted beer and cigarettes. The store owners finally took matters into their own hands and hired guards to sit facing the door with a 12-gauge on their knee. No special license is required to carry a loaded shotgun in Texas. I do not recall anyone being shot but the problem ended.