Monday, January 24, 2022

SHOT Show 2022: New Guns

a photo of the Marlin Model 1895 Rifle

SHOT Show 2022 is finally here. Due to the global pandemic, many exhibitors decided to go digital this year instead of in-person. If you didn’t make it out to the Venetian Expo & Convention Center in beautiful Las Vegas, we’ve got you covered. We promise to cover the most exciting show releases with all the specs listed. You don’t have any excuse not to attend SHOT Show 2022. With our guide, you don’t even have to leave the couch. Throw a pot of coffee on and get ready to scroll through some amazing new products.

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  1. Re: Volquartsen pistol.
    How can it be a pistol if it has a shoulder brace? (They don't specifically say 'shoulder' but what else would it be?)

    The Kalishnikov Chaos is something I'm interested in. The 10 rd mag fits the bill.

    The Marlin lever action is an abomination. A solid Walnut stock and no rails for mounting accessories is my preference. A thread barrel works for other guns but leave alone this classic.

    1. How can it be a pistol if it has a shoulder brace? (They don't specifically say 'shoulder' but what else would it be?)

      Evidently they changed something to come in under the wire as they did the Komrad which I have. The PTB named the Komrad a rifle(?) which shoots 12 gauge.:) Check it out.

    2. I think the barrel length determines if it is a pistol or a rifle. Anything with less than a 16 inch barrel is considered a pistol. The ATF will allow 18 year olds to buy a rifle in some states but not a pistol.

    3. Thanks but in Komrad's case they came with something different.

    4. I think it looks just fine. If you don't like the rail just remove it. Laminate might be heavier but it's more rugged than walnut. To each their own.

  2. Ruger apparently is making that 1895 out of Unobtainium....they are telling distributors not to take deposits from customers for this gun till they are assured they will receive the gun from them.

  3. I am still looking at this past years stock. I have a 7 year old blued Colt 1911 9mm Government model that was re-springed when it hit 35k rounds last year. I am negotiating a trade for my well worn 1911 for a new stainless version and I have gotten them down to $235. I am basically getting what I paid for the Govt model 7 years ago on trade in for the suggested retail of a new stainless Govt model. The differance between the blued model and the stainless is $100. I am paying for $130 of wear and tear. Time for a new 1911.