Thursday, February 18, 2016

Obama to veto proposals to bomb ISIS stronghold in Libya despite US military warnings about terror group's growing presence in north Africa

Via Michael 

 Stronghold: The jihadist group has established a base with thousands of fighters in the coastal city of Sirte

The Obama administration plans to veto a proposal to bomb the Islamic State's growing stronghold in Libya, a report claims.

Defense officials have spent weeks designing papers that describe the most effective way of crippling the terror group in Sirte, the Libyan capital which is becoming its north African headquarters.

However, senior military figures involved in the talks told The Daily Beast the entire proposal to strike ISIS resources and train up a Libyan special ops team has been swept to one side. 

Apparently reluctant to take the lead over Europe, Obama says the United States would only take action where there was a 'clear target'.