Monday, October 28, 2019

Impeachment Witness Bill Taylor Led Ukraine Delegation for Group Advised by Hunter Biden

 U.S.Ambassador to Iraq Bill Taylor speaks about reconstruction in Iraq at a press conference in Baghdad's heavily guarded 'Green Zone' in Iraq Saturday, May 21, 2005. Taylor said insurgents targeting oil lines, electricity plants and other projects vital to Iraq's reconstruction had delayed U.S.-led rebuilding efforts since the 2003 invasion …
Taylor’s testimony was characterized by CNN as “explosive” and was similarly hyped by other news media outlets despite it not being unusual for the U.S. to condition aspects of relations on participation in ongoing American investigations involving the foreign country in question.
Still, Taylor conceded that there was no quid pro quo.
“Ambassador Sondland said that he had talked to President Zelensky and Mr. Yermak and told them that, although this was not a quid pro quo, if President Zelensky did not ‘clear things up’ in public, we could be at a ‘stalemate.’ I understood ‘stalemate to mean that Ukraine would not receive the much-needed military assistance,” Taylor testified.

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