Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Donald Trump Male Supporters Have Good Reason to Be Mad

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Nearly 7 million men, between the ages of 25 and 54, are neither employed nor looking for work.
To Trump supporters, Hillary or Kasich in 2016? Only if you hate your son!


Men supporting Donald Trump have reason to be mad as hell. The economy has turned against them, and policies advocated by Democrats and tolerated by mainstream Republicans make their circumstances worse.

Trump does best with voters having less education, and the shift away from manufacturing toward service activities decidedly disadvantages them.

At the turn of the century, factories employed more workers than education and health care combined or professional and business services. Nowadays the latter two groups of industries both employ millions more Americans than those making things.

While many positions in education, health care and professional and business services pay well, those often require a college or advanced degree or expensive specialized training beyond high school, and nowadays girls do better in school than boys. And while the grimy environment of many factories was appealing to men, a lot of jobs in the aforementioned sectors are as attractive or even more appealing to women.

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