Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Police constable shows judge “how grenade works” inside courtroom, three injured

Via Terry "Centuries of inbreeding produced this rocket surgeon"


A hand grenade exploded inside courtroom in Karachi’s Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) after a judge asked a police constable if he knew how grenades worked. The constable, instead of explaining his expertise in weapons and grenade handling to the judge, opted to demonstrate practically by promptly pulling out the pin from the grenade.

This resulted in a loud explosion, injuring three including the constable and a court clerk.


  1. Once the pin is pulled, Mr Grenade is not your friend.

    1. :) Good thing it wasn't made properly or there would have been many dead. :)

  2. "It is safe to say that now the whole court knows how grenades work, including the curious judge."

    Heh! I bet they do. :)

    ( I'm sorry for the lack of commenting lately. I've too many irons in too many fires at the present to do more than zoom by from time to time. Have y'all made it back to NC, and how's the house-selling going?)

    Central Alabamaian

    1. :) Burn them, there irons! I'm coming back on April 30th which I realized as I was making the reservation is the Fall of Saigon. :( Why I always take a rear seat when I fly below. :)I just found out there are numerous problems with the house that may daughter who was staying there since January just let me know, so there's a lot to be done. I just asked my real estate girl if I should take it off the market until complete. Thanks/

      Another girl that was on the flight, but survived was Thelma Thompson. I visited her in the hospital in the Philippines. She told me she had been saved by a miracle, as she had originally been seated in the bottom of the airplane, but at the last minute had been asked to go and sit up in the tail section, as they were in need of more companions for the orphans there. Although the C5A was 65 feet high, Thelma only needed one short step to reach the ground when she exited at the conclusion of the crash. As I remember, there was nothing left of the bottom part of the plane. We can only hope that the end for most was instantaneous.