Thursday, April 14, 2016

KA fraternity Tulane Frat Builds “Trump Wall” in Front of House

Via Billy

 tulane wall

My fraternity at Randolph-Macon back when it was a boy's school and still sane. :)


The Kappa Alpha fraternity is supporting Donald Trump this election cycle To show their support the young men built a Trump wall in front of their fraternity house.

 But not everyone liked the Trump wall.
The Hayride posted video of black activists, possibly members of the football team, illegally destroying the wall.

No doubt, this vandalism will be allowed at Tulane.

More @ with video @ The Gateway Pundit


  1. Nothing a few randomly placed land mines couldn't fix. One day these feral negroes will try something that will land a few of them in the hospital. Of course at that point what they did will never see the light of day in a news story - except for perhaps this site - because their offenses will be dwarfed by the coverage of the acts of "racism" perpetrated against them.
    Yes siree folks a true "civil war" is coming to your neighborhood sooner than you think!