Thursday, April 14, 2016

NC: Across the country, school districts are quietly arming teachers for the next shooting

Teachers, it is said, have some of the hardest jobs in the world. The hours are long, and the rewards often intangible. In addition to designing and executing lesson plans, grading homework and coordinating extracurricular activities, teachers are expected to be surrogate parents, offering children personal comfort and protection over the course of a long school day.

In recent years, teachers have also had to contend with a devastating reality: the increasing threat of school shootings.
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  1. Can you just imagine for a moment the horror and anguish that will spring forth like Vesuvius from a million tortured leftist souls the first time an armed teacher ends the slaughter of innocents before it's begun?

    It will be delicious...

  2. The ruling elites are surrounded by guns and yet they have the Federal Gun Free Schools to keep our children as undefended victims. School shootings are aided and abetted by them for their reactionary citizen disarmament agenda. It's despicably evil!

    1. & their punishment should be the same as what they are allowing our children to face.