Thursday, April 14, 2016

Russia: Vodka and guns

 Live murder.

Murder suspect fled the scene and trying to escape from the police chase, rammed a car traffic police. The quarrel between the two bars visitors Galenko village near Vladivostok ended in tragedy. According to LifeNews law enforcement source, the young people are in a state of extreme intoxication, they began to sort things out among themselves. When the conflict began to escalate into a fight, 17-year-old Sergei A. left the restaurant and went home for the gun. According to the preliminary version, some time later the young man returned to the bar with a hunting shotgun 16 caliber and shot in the head the offender. 28-year-old Maxim G. from his injuries died on the spot. -

The cause of a quarrel between the young people to establish at the moment it is not possible, as the suspect is in an extreme degree of intoxication and can not really explain what happened, - said a source in law enforcement bodies . According to reports, after the crime the suspect got behind the wheel of the car "Nissan", which took without permission from his relative, and fled the scene of an incident. Police have received a message about the incident, we noticed Sergey A. car and tried to stop it, but the driver did not respond to the demands of law enforcement. Young people, moving away from the chase, even rammed a car traffic police. Stop the car guards of the order it was only after they were fired from government-issue weapons. 

At the moment, 17-year-old boy arrested, investigators are working with him. The murder prosecuted. - On this fact the investigating authorities RF IC in the Primorsky Territory criminal case on grounds of crime under Part 1 of Art.. "Murder" of the Criminal Code 105. The suspect 17-year-old young man was detained, the question of election of crossing measures. Appointed judicial examination, examine witnesses - said senior assistant director of SU RF IC in the Primorsky Territory Media Relations Roman Aurora.

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