Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Invasion Turning Proper = Excellent


Bullets are cheaper and more effective than tear gas canisters.

Bullets and bombs are merely war’s last recourse. The actual front of most conflicts occurs in the vacuum between men’s ears. One gains a deep appreciation of this fact when watching the rapid social effects that result from orchestrated media onslaughts. The images and narratives carpet bombed daily into mentally defenseless targets demonstrate the undeniable power of air superiority.

And when spiritual fortifications have been flattened, antagonists put boots on the ground. That’s what’s happening now in unmoated areas of the West. But eventually even the dullest cucks begin to understand that virtue signaling on migration is subject to the law of diminishing returns. Conspicuously accommodating 100 brown people is a boast, while 100 million is a eulogy. And most prefer their praise served warm.

So what we are seeing presently in Europe is a people slowly realizing their moral vainglory is best taken in moderation. Unfortunately for them, that doesn’t much address the designs of a billion or so global refugees fleeing the war in Syria. You don’t simply lock the door after other people have decided they want in.

For once a large enough number of outsiders determine your house is precisely what they want, seeking your permission loses much of its appeal. That’s when fences start falling, tear gas starts wafting, and it dimly begins to dawn that invasion doesn’t require the Red Army.

Here’s one piece on the siege of Indomeni.

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  1. After the first couple hundred are shot and killed, they will not come anymore.

    1. Couple of 30 round mags should do it since they pack themselves together like animals. I wouldn't bat an eye, as they wouldn't if the situation was reversed.

  2. Ally akbar to that response. Wish we had a wire fence.
    Read this week :

    Syrian surge! 'Refugees' flood into U.S. at rate of 358 per week

    1. Thanks and I saw that. A wire fence with Claymores behind it. Problem solved.