Friday, July 21, 2017

Florida Daughters of the Confederacy president supports statue move

As you know, I am a staunch supporter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.However, my reply to this is, "Is this woman on crack cocaine?"

I can't believe that the many Daughters that I know nationwide will sit for this.

Your brother,



 Contact National President General

To all,

If you are incensed, angry or frustrated with the comments made by the Florida Division president regarding our heritage and Confederate Monument in Tampa please email the President General in Richmond and express your opinion. Hopefully stark changes will be forthcoming with this organization and repudiation of the President in question.

President General Patricia Bryson

Mike, would you consider sending an e-mail to the UDC President General regarding the firestorm Ginger Rudigar has started? We have been advised to flood the president general with our e-mails asking for her to take action and remove Ginger from office. What you have written below is great. Hope you will send it.

Patricia M. Bryson, President General, UDC -

Thank you very much
Judy Rainey

Florida UDC President

Ms Rudiger would make a excellent spokesman for the NAACP after her comments last night on Fox 13. Apologetic and totally delusional she supported nearly every argument for removing all items Confederate. But she went further and decreed that Battle flags should adorn grave sites only with no display in the public eye and proudly stated that states rights protected slavery during the 1800's. If this does not create a revolt from Key West to Pensacola with in the UDC then this once noted organization should retreat to the closet and remove Confederacy as part of their title. What a shameful downward spiral the past 15 years!

Mike Herring
Gen. Jubal A. Early Camp 556

The United Daughters of the Confederacy erected a monument outside the old Tampa courthouse all the way back in 1911.  Now, that statue has triggered a firestorm, and the Florida president of the UDC says she favors moving Confederate monuments off of government land in the interest of bringing people together.

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  1. Brock - Email to Patricia M. Bryson, President General, UDC was sent yesterday afternoon. Three other SCV Divisions have been apprised of the situation. THIS CANNOT STAND! Many Thanks to You, Sir, for bringing this to Our Attention. I Trust our SCV Leadership will weigh-in on this matter as well as having our SCV members step-up. GodSpeed, SIR!