Friday, July 21, 2017

Plunging Enrollment at Mizzou | New York Times


  1. I have said probably 70% of students enrolled in college have no business there. Hate to be blunt, but they simply do not have what it takes. NO, they are not stupid, but they will never benefit from college. With the glut of college degrees. Unless they are in the top 10%, or better. A graduate can look forward to the equivalent of a job flipping burgers.

    Back before the idea "everyone needs college" I think about 15% of high school grads went to college. And I think that is about the right amount. Because at those percentages, having a college degree meant something. But if everyone has a college degree, it means nothing.

    Sadly, we have a generation going into a lifetime of debt. Buying a college degree that will be an albatross, around their neck. That 15% that should have gone to college are earning degrees in math, engineering, computers and other marketable skills. They will graduate and do fine in life. It is the other 85% that are completely screwed. They are now easily 200 thousand dollars in debt. And have degrees in women's studies, diversity, child and family studies, social justice, entrepreneurship, and okay I need to stop. I could continue, and the fact I could continue is the problem. Just one comment before I move on. Entrepreneurship, how does watching videos and reading a book make someone an entrepreneur. Fact is it cannot, being an entrepreneur comes from a spark inside.

    In order to make money, colleges added "easy" courses for that 85% that didn't honestly belong there. Most but not all kept real college level courses. But also added dozens of departments for those not seeking a rigorous education. Over the years the majority of colleges have devolved into just 4-more-years of high school. Students are not taught critical thinking. They are taught nothing of value but the college gets paid and they get a degree. Unfortunately, in the real work that degree is worthless.

    The end result of this, is uneducated and unemployable college graduates. Because let me ask you this. You are a manager looking to hire an employee. Does any part of your brain and experience EVER say hiring an employee with a "social justice" degree is a good idea?


    1. I say get a trade and don't join the military these days. Thanks.

  2. The university of Mizzou brought this upon themselves. If they had a real adult in charge who had a spine and a pair of balls the students throwing their temper tantrums would have been give lesson in actions having consequence. First, when the football team went on their hunger strike, the response should have been to suspend those players for duration of the season. If you don't want to play football by our rules, go some where else. The activist and the SJWs should have been told, if the find the campus to be racist and oppressive, they can drop out and leave. They should have been reminded that they can be expelled. Go and call for protest and violence. The governor will be called, to call out the National Guard. The special snowflakes need to be educated in what my drill sergeant told us trainees: It's all mind over matter. I don't mind. You don't matter.

    The University system as we know it is doomed to collapse, for reasons as stated by Badger. BTW, well stated, Badger, well stated. If I may add, universities started on the decline some time during the late 60's and early 70's when all the baby boomer hippies/protesters and lefties realized the safest place for them was within the university system. Emotionally you did not need to grow up and become an adult. Being a tenured professor is an easier than working for some company. I've taken some classes where the professor was worthless, and his class a waste of time, but since he had tenure he could not be fired. It is possible now for a student to graduate from any university and actually be the dumber, less educated then when she/he/it entered it, with the emotional maturity of teenager.

    1. It is possible now for a student to graduate from any university and actually be the dumber, less educated then when she/he/it entered it, with the emotional maturity of teenager.

      Hadn't thought of that, but I imagine you are correct.