Friday, May 20, 2016

Replacing a Critical but Severely Bent Nail: Paul Ryan

We need to replace a critical nail in a horse's shoe or lose a battle and the war to save our county from radical political agendas and special interest corruption. We need Republican leaders that have the backs of conservative voters in every region, including the South, most especially the South. RINOs take warning. We have had enough betrayal and insults.

The cleanest way to save the Republican Party and the nation is to dump House Speaker Paul Ryan in his Wisconsin primary.

Paul Ryan needs to be dumped in the Wisconsin Primary. I have already  contributed to his opponent, Paul Nehlen's campaign, a true  conservative. (See info below). Ryan's latest arrogance Is to insult the Heritage of Southern States that generally vote in more Republicans than Wisconsin. There would not be a viable Republican Party, If it were not for Southern States. and conservative Southern voters who are not ashamed of, but proud of, their Southern Heritage. Ryan's arrogant ignorance of Southern and Civil War History is appalling and offending a large part of the historically knowledgeable Southern electorate. This plays right into the Democrat radical agenda. Ryan has betrayed conservatives on almost every issue, especially immigration, national security, trade, and  government spending. We need to get him out before he destroys the Republican Party and the nation.

We don't need a Republican Speaker of the House who obstructs the Republican nominee for President and Insults Southern conservatives. If Ryan thinks he can win a national election without conservative Southern voters who honor their Southern Heritage, he doesn't have adequate political and policy judgement to be S a Congressman, much less Speaker of the House.

Mike Scruggs is the author of The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths (Ryan apparently believes the myths rather than the truth) and Lessons from the Vietnam War: What the Media Never Told You, and over 500 articles on military history, politics, economics, and miscellaneous subjects.
 He has an MBA from Stanford University and a BS from the University of Georgia. He is a combat veteran of the Vietnam War and has been a Republican County Chairman in both North Carolina and Alabama.


 Paul Ryan's Hypocrisy on Outside Interests

 “Paul Ryan loves double-standards. He has a lot of them,” said Paul Nehlen late this afternoon. Nehlen is challenging Ryan for the congressional seat in Wisconsin’s 1st District. Nehlen’s comments came in reaction to a series of public comments Ryan has recently made.

 “It’s interesting, for starters, that he recently said he doesn’t think outside interests should have any influence on this congressional race.” said Nehlen, “Big news, Paul Ryan! You’re the poster boy for outside interests. Paul Ryan is an 18-year incumbent, a career-politician who’s reaped his ever-growing mountain of campaign funding primarily via large donations that come straight from inside the Washington Beltway. To help out his Big Donor buddies, Ryan votes against the manufacturers, small businesses, workers, taxpayers, and families of Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District—never mind the people of the United States—on issue after issue. Yet he continues to pretend he’s supporting us.

 “The old saying is correct,” Nehlen laughed. “Money talks. And Paul Ryan has accumulated one ton of crony cash.”
“I am going straight to the constituents of  this district because their agenda and voice have been sadly ignored by their current representative. This campaign’s message has been consistent since day one. Paul Ryan’s cronyism needs to end, and this district needs to be reclaimed for its constituents.


Paul Ryan's establishment hacks are trumpeting a new poll out showing Nehlen trailing here in Wisconsin's first district. And while they pound their chests proclaiming the race is over, they fail to mention the part of this reality that terrifies them.

 Paul Nehlen is a businessman here in Wisconsin. He has never run for office, he doesn't have any name ID and outside of the hundreds of workers who work for him here, no one in the district knows who he is. Yet.
So the fact that with no advertising, no political background and no previous campaigns Nehlen already pulls a sizable percentage of the vote likely has team Ryan a little discombobulated.
Remember, Eric Cantor was winning by 30% just three weeks out from his election in Virginia.

 This race is just beginning.

 In fact, this morning we launched our first Super Saturday and right now we have an army of door knockers out in Walworth County. This will continue for the next three months, and we guarantee you the next poll will show Nehlen increasing his lead even further.

 And yes, we will win this race.

 Winning will come at a cost. Paul Nehlen has put significant money in to get this started and many of you have pitched in as well. But this is going to be very, very costly.

 We need to build and build quickly. And we need your help to do it.

    ++ Please click here to chip in a few bucks to help us continue building a grassroots army to defeat Paul Ryan.

 If we stand together and with a loud enough voice, we will win this election. A win that will send political shockwaves across the nation and world.


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    1. You are more than welcome. He seems like a good man and hope he succeeds