Thursday, April 20, 2017

Comment on "There Will Be Blood: Left Prepares For War After Berkeley Beat Down: Combat Training, Better Equipment, Guns.”

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The word, war has been so over used, misused and abused that has lost the real horror of what war really means. We have had a war on crime, war on drugs, war on poverty. Unlike playing a war game on your computer, in the comfort of your own room, bad things do happen to you in war. Very bad things. By the way, have we won any of those other wars yet (on drugs, crime and poverty)? We have a word to describe what the lefties are advocating: Sedition. A crime, that still is a capital offense.

Should this all turn ugly (the use of guns to impose your will on the other guy), it will get uglier than either side anticipates. Those on "the right" are condescendingly calling those as in the above photo, pussies, wimps and cowards with no stomach for a real right. The arm chair warriors with their weapon of choice and the amount of ammo they have on hand confidently state how any lefty that dares to come within a certain distance is a dead man. Over confident. They have forgotten history.
Lefties are quite willing to commit mass murder to achieve their political goals. What happened at Berkeley was a fluke. Recall the SDS, and the Black Panther movements of the 60' and early 70's.

Students were willing to blow things up. It is only a matter of how soon they bring weapons to the next protest rally. They will learn from what happened and not make that mistake twice.
Those on the left having gotten their way for decades at little cost don't have a clue as the rage those Deplorables barely contained under that very thin veneer of respect for the law. They have committed the mistake of believing their propaganda about those on the right. Big Mistake. Wars have this very nasty habit of not going according to plan. Consider how the South and the North viewed each other just before the War Between the States started. Each side thought the other side was not a match for the quality they had as a soldier, and any war would be over quickly ending in victory. There does come a point where name calling will not work to intimidate the politically incorrect person into silence, when he does not care what you call him.

Then what? What if the ONLY thing stopping some middle aged white guy from pulling the trigger is the over riding wish to pay his bills, and one day he doesn't care if the mortgage gets paid? It is one thing to lecture others on "social justice issues" from the comfort of your You Tube web cam with a Starbucks coffee in hand and another recovering from a gun shot wound that leaves you crippled for life from a guy that refused to respect your invented personal pronouns and what you "identify as". Walking around with your "this is war", is not a good plan. It will NOT end the way you think it is going to. Go back and read those old books written by those dead white males on the topic of real war. You lefties can learn about what real war is, by doing it the easy way or the very hard way. Your call. The gods of the copy book heading will, absolutely, have the final say in the matter.

PS:  Another thought here, to be put under the heading of, that is a good question: In the event the Lefties get their wish of a war on the Deplorables on the right, what are the LEOs going to do?

Officer Friendly has morphed into Officer Safety. It already has gotten to where what is printed on the uniform will tell you if the uniform is a soldier or a member of some LEO department. Many LEOs do see themselves as members of a paramilitary organization. They over the years have gotten all the military hardware the various branches were willing to give away. It is only a matter of time when they use them. agencies have gotten their very own paramilitary security force.

They have purchased using your tax money to buy enough ammo to practically never to have to worry about running out. They do believe their bright shiny badge does given extra rights. They do know that to get away with murder all they have to state is the offender resisted arrest and the officer feared for his safety. I don't want to be in the same zip code when Officer Safety get to play with all that uber cool, high speed, full cammo, official and genuine military stuff that he now has. I strongly suspect that he will shoot first and ask questions later. And not caring about your feelings, respecting your safe space, or what video you are going to post on Facebook. They many not care if you are wearing a Che shirt or a stars and stripe shirt, you're a sheeple


  1. It has been my observation that while the "left" may inflict some damage they were never the real threat. I expect they know and understand this which explains their thrust into the arena of politics and the courts. For what they cannot achieve at the ballot box they mean to do by force of government.

    With no faith in God given unalienable rights it all comes down to a matter for force. It carries man back to a state of the animal where might makes right and the only morality is power and the means to keep it. With that in mind, the left is not the threat but rather it is government and those to blind to accept that fact and all it's implications.

    Such a state of mind makes me fearful knowing my TV, my cell phone, cameras along the highways, the computer in my car, and the satellites George Bush placed over us are fully capable of closing the door on the cage at any time. Worse is how many of those elected and sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution are blind, willfully or by ignorance, to the threat while continuing to fund it all and more.

    While the link is a bit dated, nothing has changed for the better since it was written.

    Average Joe