Tuesday, December 29, 2020

You're It


The Slow Build Up to the American Revolution

The idea of Donald Trump as a cult figure is being used to defame and dismiss a patriot's sense of duty to the republic. It's just another communist plot to keep those patriots on the sidelines while they continue their all-out assault on the republic through corrupt government practices, including the election. The problem with patriots is their sense of fair play and duty. They are easily backed down from taking a stance by the propaganda machine branding them with one detestable attribute or another. In this case, they are described as members of the Trump cult. If there is a cult at all, it is the American cult, something the left can't abide.

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  1. Good Morning! Brock, We The People ARE AT WAR!! This article is OUTSTANDING, Sir. If it's going to be, It's up to Me and My Ilk. I Don't, Can't/Won't Trust another Demon-Rat Again! They will Lie, Cheat, Steal and Kill whatever, and Whoever as Needed to maintain their Power or to gain More Power! D-Rats are The Virus! All Flavors of D-Rats ARE THE ENEMY! Politicians, Media, Doctors, Frigging Waiters and Waitresses! ALL D-RATS!

    Okay, I feel better now.

    Did you see this story about the 41YO Male, Healthy, No Underlying Conditions DIES of a Heart Attack, whilst being treated for COVID, in Louisiana? A NEW Republican Representative to Congress. Here: