Wednesday, December 30, 2020

THE MAN WHO WILL SAVE AMERICA… “This Isn’t the Beating of a Drum, This Is the Burning of a City!” – Inventor Jovan Pulitzer DESTROYS Georgia’s Corrupted 2020 Election Results

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Please watch this presentation and share it with everyone you know.  We need to have Mr. Pulitzer review the ballots from all the swing states.

Inventor Jovan Hutton Pulitzer was in front of the Georgia Senate today and he totally destroyed Georgia’s 2020 election results and offered a plan where for free, he will determine the accurate results by examining the paper ballots used in the election.

Prior to today we’ve requested that President Donald J. Trump write an Executive Order mandating that the ballots and images in select states be audited and reviewed for fraud by Jovan Pulitzer.

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  1. Once the ballot is separated from the envelope it was sealed in a recount or audit of the paper ballots is moot since the ballot box got stuffed. A forensic inspection of the ballots needs to happen and all that do not have the correct fold marks need to be eliminated.

    Brad Raffensperger has been running adds trying to convince the voters that we had an honest election. He needs to be hung.