Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Obama’s Islamic Fantasyland: Sugarcoated Islam versus Reality

The defeat of regular Syrian forces and the removal of the Assad regime would seriously threaten the lives of the Christian and Alawite minorities in Syria, each about 10 percent of the population.
 Mike Scruggs

When President Obama says that ISIS, which now calls itself the Islamic State, is not Islamic, perhaps he is trying to tell us that because ISIS is violent and fanatical, it is not the ”true Islam.” Unfortunately, the President’s benevolent “true Islam” is the fantasyland of Muslim Brotherhood propaganda, thoroughly deceived liberal academics and media personalities, and politicians more concerned with political correctness than thorough homework and reality. Sadly, this counter-factual version of Islam is the so-called religion of peace and tolerance exuberantly praised by Bill and Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair, and George W. Bush.  This deceptive sugarcoated version of Islam differs sharply from the Islam of the Koran and the example and teachings of Muhammad. Moreover, it conflicts with Islam’s 1400-year record of fanatical violence, despotism, and expansion by coercion, sword, and terror. Undoubtedly, vast Middle Eastern petroleum reserves and billions of petro-dollars have lent foreign affairs credibility to the fantasy that Islam is peaceful and tolerant.

But perhaps the President is well aware of the doctrinal justifications for violence, deception, despotism, and Holy War against non-Muslims found in the Koran and teachings of Muhammad.   He appears to have a strong cultural affinity to Islam, and his administrative actions are indisputably hostile to any form of orthodox or evangelical Christianity, the Jews, and the nation of Israel. In foreign and domestic affairs he consistently lines up with the objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood and their many front organizations.  His administration is thoroughly infiltrated with Muslim Brotherhood influence in Homeland Security, intelligence agencies, and critical domestic policy positions.

He is systematically weakening our Armed Forces through budget and weapons cuts, purging conservative generals and admirals, promoting military and intelligence yes-men, and imposing perversity-friendly regulations on our Armed Forces that are hurting morale, retention, recruitment, combat effectiveness, and military preparedness. Conservative military chaplains are frequently persecuted and marginalized. The religious liberty of our troops, even the wounded, is being substantially infringed. He refuses to acknowledge any connection between Islam and terrorism, even though terrorist incidents are overwhelmingly associated with Muslim perpetrators. At the request of the Muslim Brotherhood, thousands of FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, and military records associating Islam with terrorism are being redacted or altered. He also insisted on classifying the massacre of 13 American soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas, in November 2009, by Army Major Nidal Hasan, as “workplace violence” rather than terrorism. Yet Hasan openly confesses that his action was an act of jihad (Holy War) against the enemies of Islam.  It is no wonder that our intelligence agencies, now subjected to Muslim Brotherhood subversion by command of the President, are frequently surprised by events in the Middle East.

On September 10, President Obama called for the destruction of ISIS, but the next day Secretary of State Kerry confused that resolve. Instead, Obama is lobbying Congress to support Syrian rebels, who are essentially Hamas and al-Qaeda agents engaged in the Muslim Brotherhood’s long-term objective of overthrowing the religiously moderate Assad regime. Cleansing Muslim lands of secular Muslim rulers, Jews, Christians, and heretical (and generally more peaceful) sects of Islam, like the Alawites, has long been a central objective of the Muslim Brotherhood and its terrorist branches. Recently, the Syrian rebels and ISIS declared a mutual cease-fire. This is hardly surprising since both are terrorist franchises of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

The defeat of regular Syrian forces and the removal of the Assad regime would seriously threaten the lives of the Christian and Alawite minorities in Syria, each about 10 percent of the population

So far, Obama’s bombing of ISIS has been limited, irresolute, and dilatory.  Implementation of more intensive and resolute bombing of ISIS forces may be quietly abandoned and turned upon the Assad forces, with dire consequences for Christians and the heretically moderate Alawite Muslims. The Alawites have absorbed many Christian religious and cultural traditions, and have been protective of the Christian minority, with whom they have become economically interdependent. Yes, Mr. President, ISIS is killing Muslims, but they are members of dissident minority sects or anyone who opposes fundamentalist Islam. 

Perhaps the President is just another political dupe of Muslim Brotherhood propaganda, but there appears to be more to it. His relentless and strenuous efforts to cover up any connection between Islam and terrorism despite tremendous evidence speak loudly of strong cultural and religious loyalties to Islam. This can be seen in the ordered redaction of FBI, CIA, and other intelligence documents tying Muslim organizations to terrorism around the world and in the grim comedy of his classification of the murder of 13 American soldiers by confessed jihadist Nidal Hasan as “workplace violence.”

The United Nations sub-organization of 57 Muslim nations, called the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has been mounting a campaign over several years to make “islamophobia,” essentially any criticism of or perceived insult to Islam, a hate crime punished by civil and criminal penalties. The UN has already passed a sympathetic resolution, but the important step is for the United States and other Western nations to criminalize and enforce UN and national laws against islamophobia or any criticism of Islam. Ten months before Benghazi, Hillary Clinton was working with the OIC in behalf of President Obama to implement this plan. To pass such a law in the U.S., however, would probably require some emotional event to justify it as a necessity for civil rights, public safety, or favorable diplomacy and world opinion.
Once passed, Civilization Jihad could occur on an enormous scale of immigration, national security, and public safety abuses, and any contrary opinion or resistance could be punished as a criminal action in violation of islamophobia laws. 

Years of multiculturalist and reality-blind liberal indoctrination have placed America between the jaws of its own corrupt, foolish, and weak immigration policies and the ravaging sword of jihadist Islam.

“Men of Harlech, quit your dreaming, can’t you see their spear points gleaming.”—from the Welsh Battle Hymn, Men of Harlech.

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