Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Zealand Political Leader: Send the Male Syrian Refugees Back Home to Fight ISIS

Via Billy

isis army
(Common sense will get you nowhere these days.)
New Zealand First political leader Winston Peters suggested his country accept only women and children refugees from Syria and send the men back to fight ISIS.

Peters said if New Zealand was going to fight for their freedom then some of the men ought to go back home and fight for their own country’s freedom too.

Zee News reported, via Religion of Peace


  1. Duh!
    Watch the scorn he and other rational thinkers will suffer for such common sense. He needs to go one step further and talk about stealth jihad thru mass immigration.

    As to our Liar-in-Chief, if he says America will take in 10,000, you can be sure it will be more like 100,000.

    1. Thanks.