Wednesday, September 9, 2015

America’s Toxic Brew: “Diversity”

Via comment by Quartermain on WATCH: The End Of America: “We Are All Witnessing 


During the first Republican debate Donald Trump struck a huge chord with the “silent majority” of this nation by saying that America’s biggest problem is, “being politically correct.”
The Donald’s succinct summation was more than just a quick soundbite - it resonated with millions of everyday people in all walks of life who believe that politicians are a bunch of mealy-mouthed establishment lackeys who are completely tone deaf when it comes to the real world that the rest of us are forced to navigate. Regardless of the reasons for the inside-the-beltway crowd’s flippant view of middle-class Americans, (be it indifference, or they’re bought and paid for by lobbyists, or just plain old cowardice) 

Mr. Trump has tapped into an angry disgust with the way that our government functions (or doesn’t). As a result – despite every prediction of establishment politicians and pundits of Trump’s impending implosion – Trump keeps rising in the polls, and is doing so across demographic lines, much to their consternation.

A perfect example of the arrogance that pervades the elitists’ thinking is Jeb Bush’s recent row with Trump on the immigration issue. Poll after poll reveals that Americans want the flood of illegals coming into our country stopped. So how did good ‘ol Jebbie respond to Trump’s plain speaking? He attacked Trump by claiming that he is “not a conservative” – in Spanish!


  1. Trump is Phase 3 of the TEA Party rebellion. Be is the right man at the right time.

    1. I pray. He's certainly got the establishment in a dither, so it must be good. :)