Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Via comment by Quartermain on WATCH: The End Of America: “We Are All Witnessing 

City streets across the Western world will be filling in the coming weeks with throngs of penitents. The sin they repent of is the death of a child, a tragedy broadcast across the globe. As penance, Western lands have a great task ahead of them: the opening of borders to hundreds of thousands – and eventually many millions – of displaced masses from Africa and the Middle East.

This piece has a simple message: your penance is unnecessary, your absolution unneeded.

How can I say this? After all, the actions of Western leaders are what has caused the instability and descent into chaos of this region of the world. True enough. Our sense of justice cries out for satisfaction and for these people to be held to account.

Every journalist who incited their audiences to wars in lands they knew nothing about.

Every talking head whose propaganda convinced the ignorant that Arab and African Muslims would welcome White “crusaders” with open arms.

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